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2454 Pennsylvania


Production: 1946 & 1947

Lionel introduced the 2454 style freight car in 1946 and was an all-new box car design. This style freight car -- as well as it's 6454 successor-- was the backbone of Lionel's box car production from 1946 until 1953.

These shorter cars are referred to as the '9 1/4" box cars'. The 2454 always wore the Pennsylvania logo on the side with most variations also caring the Baby Ruth candy logo to the left of the sliding doors. Plain 2454 Pennsylvania freight cars -- without the Baby Ruth logo -- are difficult to locate.

The 2454 with the Baby Ruth logo is a somewhat common car. It was regularly included in freight sets produced by Lionel, as well as being available for separate sale. However, production amounts of all Lionel trains were low in the late 1940's and collector quality examples are hard to locate.

This car was introduced in 1946 with several nice features. The actual catalogue number (X2454) appears on the sides, the Pennsylvania car (without the Baby Ruth candy logo) also carried the number '65400' to the left of the sliding door.

Standard features of box car include: painted orange car, black lettering, painted brown metal doors, metal corner steps on the frame, metal doors, staple-end trucks plus a brakewheel. Early 1946 production versions are occasionally found with flying shoe trucks, although most 2454's are equipped with coil couplers.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Pennsylvania / Baby Ruth - Shown in the photo above - This is the common version of the 2454.

Pennsylvania - Orange Doors - Produced briefly with painted orange doors -- matching the exterior color of the box car. This version is assumed to be an early 1946 version and is a rare car and the hardest of all 2454's to locate.

Pennsylvania - Brown Doors - For most of 1946 calendar year 1946, the Pennsylvania box car was produced with brown painted metal doors.

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