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3357 Hydraulic Platform Maintenance Car


Production: 1962 - 1964

The 3357 Hydraulic Platform Maintenance Car is more commonly referred to as the Cop and Hobo Car. Lionel essentially modified a short box car to accomodate a raised platform where a policeman and hobo chased each other around a layout -- of course never really catching the other person! This fantasy-notion car made use of a new concept which was never re-used on any future postwar offering.

The 3357 was introduced with the following features: unpainted blue body with white lettering, AAR trucks, and a box of separate components. Early 3357's had two operating couplers while later production usually had one operating and one non-operating coupler.

The most difficult item to locate for all Cop and Hobo Cars are its original component box. The component box was stamped 3357-23 and contained the following items:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • A brown hobo with a painted face
  • A blue police officer with a painted face
  • Two sheet metal side structures
  • A blackened sheet metal plate
  • Two long black screws, two short blacl screws and two silver tightening nuts
  • Two long springs
  • A blackened steel track spacer with end nut
  • Packing envelope
  • A plastic gray structure for the top of the car

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Locating a complete set -- along with a complete and intact individual component box -- is truely rare.

Only Known Variation - All 3357's had unpainted blue bodies wityh white lettering.

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