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3370 Wells Fargo


Production:  1961 - 1964

The 3370 Wells Fargo car is generally referred to as the Sheriff and Outlaw car. It is another example of Lionel modifying their basis short stock car to create a new product. This car has the head of a sheriff and outlaw alternating bobbing up and down as the freight car travels along the rails. This fantasy-notion car made use of a new concept introduced in 1960 where a giraffe's head disappears inside the car.

The 3370 was introduced with the following features: unpainted green body with yellow lettering, plastic trucks, non-opening doors plus two figures -- a sheriff and outlaw. Both the sheriff and outlaw have highly detailed painted faces and features.

The movement of the alternating bobbing heads is created by a specially designed cam mounted onto one axle, a metal lever and a rachet wheel.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Quite frequently, the painted details on the sheriff and outlaw have either chipped or flaked off. Locating a car with clean and crisp painted detail on each figure is difficult.

AAR Trucks - Shown in the photo above - The common version, usually with two operating couplers.
Arch-Bar Trucks - This is a hard version to locate and always had non-operating couplers. It is unclear as to the exact production year(s) for a 3370 with Arch-Bar trucks.

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