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6044 Box Car


Production: 1959 - 1961

The 6044 short box car of 1959 continued a trend started by Lionel in the mid-1950's by including a company logo on the sides of their entry-level box car. An interesting item to note on the 6044 is that it never appeared in any Lionel catalogue and was and uncatalogued for three years!

For the 6044, Airex was the predominate company to be displayed on the car. However, there is an extremely rare version with Nestle's printed on the sides.

Standard features of the 6044 are minimal and include: unpainted blue body with white and yellow lettering (Airex) or unpainted blue body without any lettering on the sides but with a miniature poster on each side (Nestle's car), non-opening doors on each side, metal frame and two Arch-Bar trucks with non-operating couplers.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Airex - Shown in the photo above - The common version of the 6044 has a light blue body. However, there is a scarce variation with a deep blue, almost purplish color body which is shown below:

Nestle's - An extremely scarce box car only offered in 1961.

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