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6468 Automobile Box Car


Production:  1953 - 1958

The 6468 Double Door Automobile box car is a modified 6464-style box car. The main modification is the inclusion of a second door on each side -- thus having a total of four sliding doors on the box car.

The 6468 Baltimore & Ohio was the first double door box car introduced by Lionel. Its blue exterior and prototypical lettering and graphic makes this car an accurate model of its real-life counterpart.

The second -- and final automobile box car in the postwar era -- is the 6468-25 Hew Haven. It's colorful exterior and graphics are similar to many real-life New Haven box car.

The 6468 box cars included the following standard features:

  • 6468 Baltimore & Ohio - blue shell with white lettering, four blue-painted doors, bar-end trucks plus a single brakewheel.
  • 6468-25 Hew Haven - orange shell with white and black lettering, four unpainted black doors, bar-end trucks plus a single brakewheel.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
It is somewhat common to locate a 6468-25 New Haven box car with maroon side doors. The maroon door version is generally believed to be a post-factory creation by Madison Hardware. New examples were regularly available from Madison Hardware through the mid-1990s.

6468 Baltimore & Ohio - Shown in the photo above - The common variation is painted blue.
6468 Baltimore & Ohio - An extremely rare variation is painted tuscan. This is assumed to be a one-year-only item from 1955 and the original box always has an "X" stamped next to the number on each end flap.

6468-25 Hew Haven - Black Doors - The common version for the New Haven box car.

6468-25 New Haven - Maroon Doors - Generally viewed as a post-factory set-up by Madison Hardware.

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