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X1004 Baby Ruth


Production: 1948 - 1952

The X1004 is historic in that it introduced the short, non-operating box car to the Lionel family. Originally, it was only included as an inexpensive box car for the Scout sets which were introduced in 1948. By the mid-1950's this short box car was included in many of Lionel's 027 starter sets. Finally, the 1960's saw this short box car as a regular of practically every set produced by Lionel.

The X1004 ran for five years, 1948 - 1952. During that time it was always produced with Scout-style couplers. Due to the uncompatibility of the scout coupler with the remainder of the Lionel couplers, it is fairly common to find a X1004 with the scout couplers replaced with a standard Lionel knuckle couplers.

Standard features of the X1004 were spare. It included: unpainted orange body with blue lettering, non-opening doors on each side and scout-style couplers. It also included the Pennsylvania railroad logo on the left side of the car.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

'Baby Ruth' in Outlined Letters - Shown in the photo above This is the earlier production run. It is assumed to be from 1948 - 1950.
'Baby Ruth' in Solid Letters - Produced from 1950 to 1952, shown in the photo below.


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