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264 Fork Lift Platform


Production: 1957 - 1960

The 264 Fork Lift Platform was one of the last motorized accessories introduced by Lionel in the postwar era having freight as the theme. As Lionel entered the 1960s, newly designed accessories generally had a space or military concepts as a theme.

Although rather plain looking compared to some of the more sophisticated accessories of the early 1950s, it remains a popular item and is riveting to watch in action! The jaws from the fork lift will pick up timber from the flatcar -- one piece at a time -- and drop it onto the platform. The accessory is designed to only unload timber from the flatcar -- it must be re-loaded manually by the operator.

Since this accessory was introduced in the late 1950's -- as interest in both model and real-life trains was on the decline -- sales of the Fork Lift Platform were mediocre. Therefore, locating a complete and boxed version -- with all individual components -- will require a fair amount of time. Similar to most accessories, the small components are generally fragile and frequently lost or damaged.

The 264 Fork Lift Platform Set includes the following standard features: black sheet- metal base, brown plastic molded platform, orange plastic molded fork lift and a white simulated crane.

Also included in the set was a red flatcar with three brown molded timber supports mounted to the car, 8 metal stakes, 12 pieces of timber, 90C controller, instruction sheet and a packing envelope.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The dimension of the platform base is approximately 10" x 10 1/2 ".

Only Known Variation - All Fork Lift Platform sets have a brown molded base with orange fork lift, white crane and a flatcar with timbers.

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