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364 Conveyor Lumber Loader


Production: 1948 - 1957

The 364 Conveyor Lumber Loader is an interesting and exciting accessory. Its length of 28" and its production life of 10 years has made this one of the longest accessory produced by Lionel, in both the length and lifespan.

The operation of the 364 allows a log car to dump logs into the lower portion of the accessory. When activated with the 364C , the conveyor belt will carry the logs to the top and dump them into a waiting freight car. It is a well designed accessory and has proven to be very reliable. Operators of the 1950's as well as today always have at least one Log Conveyor Loader on their layout.

The 364 Conveyor Lumber Loader includes the following standard features: stamped gray metal structure, red conveyor belt, three stationary stakes on the lower portion, three movable stakes on the upper portion, red ladder plus a operating light with two green and one red lens.

Also included with the accessory was a 364C controller switch and a set of simulated logs (which actually look more like dowel sticks).

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Dark Gray - Shown in the photo above - A hard version to locate. Production for the dark gray is assumed to be 1948 and part of 1949.
Light Gray - The more common version. This was manufactured from 1949 to 1957.

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