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356 Freight Station


Production: 1952 - 1957

The 356 Operating Freight Station is an interesting accessory. It simulates two baggage handlers pulling their cart around a freight station. This interesting part of the accessory is only one cart is seen at any single point in time! The freight station was a popular item in the 1950s and is easy to locate. Similar to most other accessories, a complete and boxed example with all hardware and paperwork is hard to find.

The 356 Operating Freight Station included the following standard features: maroon base with a black sheet-metal walkway, white station house, green roof, black picket fence plus two lights for illumination. Also included with the accessory was a 364C activator switch

The station also included two baggage carts with small rubber men. The carts are usually dark green and orange although light green and red carts have been verified as original. For a brief time in 1952 Lionel included a lithographed metal baggage load for one of the carts, however this was soon discontinued.

The center black picket fence always had three metal signs advertising different products. Additionally, the white station house had six adhesive posters. Lionel did not applied the posters to the white house and left it was up to the purchaser in the 1950s to apply these stickers to the house.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Dark Green Roof - Shown in the photo above - The most common version has a green roof.
Light Green Roof - For a portion of 1957, the 356 was produced with a light green roof -- this version is rare.

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