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145 Gateman


Production: 1950 - 1966

The 145 Operating Gateman is an updated version of the 45N Operating Gateman. During the postwar era, it has proven to be Lionel's most popular accessory. Thousands of these houses were produced and practically every Lionel layout has an operating gateman.

The 145 Gateman, and all of it's variations, is a reliable accessory and is frequently recognized by collectors and operators as Lionel's most successful and popular accessory ever produced! Iy is extremely popular with the children as they enjoy seeing the lil' man run out of his house as the train passes by his home.

The 145 Operating Gateman has the following standard features: green metal base, illuminated white plastic house, red or maroon roof, white sign and crossbuck plus a blue plastic man.

This is an on-off type accessory. It can be controlled by Lionel's 145C contactor or an insulated section of track.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Most of the variations involve the color of the house and tool bin roofs. Because these parts are easily interchangable, it is extremely difficult to determine the originality of a specific combination for a particular gateman.

Red Roof, Both House and Tool Bin - Shown in the photo above - For its introductory year 1950, the gateman was produced with a red roof for both the house and tool bin. Although not rare, a red roof version is hard to find.
Maroon Roof on House - In 1951, the molded color of the roof was changed to maroon. The color of the tool bin box remained as red.
Maroon Roof, Both House and Tool Bin - Beginning in 1952, the gateman was produced with a maroon roof for both the house and tool bin. This appear to be the most common version.
Unpainted Figures - Beginning in 1958, Lionel began producing the gateman with unpainted face and hands. The roofs for both the house and tool bin continue to be maroon.


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