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26 Illuminated Bumper


Production:  1948 - 1950

The 26 Illuminated Bumper is the predecessor to the infamous 260 Illuminated Bumper. Externally, the 26 and 260 are almost identical -- with the only difference being the coupler plunger. On the 26, the plunger is constructed from a silver metal material, while the 260 has a black plastic plunger.

The 26 bumper is somewhat hard-to-find in collectable condition. Even harder to locate is the original box for a 26. Although neither the bumper nor box are rare, clean examples with their box will command a premium.

The 26 Illuminated bumper is a painted red die-cast metal bumper with illumination plus a red jewel cap on the top. The silver metal plunger on the side is spring loaded and protects the bumper from runaway freight cars!

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Painted Red - Shown in the photo above - All 26 bumpers are metal with a silver plunger.

Painted Gray - There was a brief productoin run of gray bumpers in 1948, which are extremely rare.


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