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89 Flagpole


Production: 1956 - 1958

The 89 Flagpole is a crude, yet somewhat accurate, model of a typical park-like setting from the 1950s where a flagpole was located at the park's entrance or as its centerpiece. Lionel sold many flagpole sets, but few have survived intact due to the fragile pole, simulated shrubbery, flags and string. Locating a clean and complete flagpole in its box will require some searching.

As a interesting piece of history, Lionel designed and manufactured the flagpole accessory when the United States of America had only 48 states. Therefore, if you closely look at the stars on the flag, it has the design for when the US had 48 states, not the current 50!

Standard features on the 89 Flagpole include: tan base, four corner plots made of green sponge, white plastic flagpole plus a 48-Star US flag and a Lionel pennant.

The corner green sponges are frequently missing or significantly deteriorated.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All 89 Flagpoles have a tan base with white pole and flags. The Lionel pennant is known to range in color from dark blue to purple, with most being closer to purple.

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