6219 Chesapeake & Ohio


Production:  1960

The 6219 Chesapeake & Ohio work caboose is a colorful and sought after caboose by both collectors and operators. Having a somewhat prototypical exterior color, lettering and side graphics design, plus it matches both the 225 and 230 C & O Alco diesels, it is the foundation of a nice work train for your layout. Finally, since it was only produced for a single year, 1960, it is a fairly hard caboose to locate in collectable condition.

The 6219 work caboose included the following standard features: dark-blue painted cab and tray, yellow lettering, early style AAR trucks, one operating coupler, black painted frame with yellow lettering plus a small smokestack.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
A common problem with all 6219 cabooses is with the paint on the corner metal footsteps. It is quite common for the paint to flake or peel off each corner step. Locating a 6219 work caboose with intact steps and paint is difficult.

The length of this caboose is approximately 8 1/2" long (coupler to end).

Only Known Variation - All 6219's are painted dark-blue with yellow lettering.

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