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6419 Work Caboose


Production: 1948 - 1957

The 6419 work caboose is a premium work caboose that was produced by Lionel for several years. It's inclusion in many catalogued sets, as well as being a separate sale item, makes this an easy caboose to acquire.

Most 6419s were produced with the D.L. & W. (Delaware, Lackawanna & Western) roadname. However, for its final year of production, the 6419 wore Norfolk and Western lettering. This final version is an extremely difficult caboose to find. Although the N. & W. appears in some 1958 Lionel literature, it is believed that excess inventory from 1957 was sold in 1958 and the item was never manufactured by Lionel in 1958.

Because of it's realistic appearance, excellent detail and high quality construction, the 6419 remains in demand by both collectors and operators.

The 6419 caboose included metal trucks with dual operating couplers, a die-cast frame, simulated tool bins, a die-cast brakewheel at each end, metal hand-railings at each end, metal ladder, plastic cab and usually a tall die-cast smokestack.

Beginning in 1954, Lionel began to change the standard features of the caboose. Variations include modifications to one or several of the following: a single operating coupler, short die-cast smokestack or unpainted tool boxes and cab. Although these variations did regularly occur, there is a minimal difference in marketvalue.

The N. & W. caboose included all of the initial standard feature of the 6419 with the exception of the smokestack -- it's always a short smokestack. The number on the N. & W. caboose is always '576419'.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

6419 - Shown in the photo above - The most common version of the 6419 work caboose.
6419-25 - Same as the 6419, but with a single couler, most probably 1954 and/or 1955 production.
6419-50 - Same as the 6419, but with unpainted, molded gray cab and tool boxes. This variation appears to be 1956 production only.

6419-75 - Same as the 6419, but with unpainted, molded gray cab and tool boxes. This is most probably 1956 production.
6419-100 N& W. Work Caboose - This is the onle-year only version with N & W side lettering. Production is assumed to be 1957 only with excess inventory sold in 1958.


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