2257WS Five Car Steam Freight Set


Outfit 2257WS is typical of many mid-1950's O gauge freight sets. Heading up this outfit is a nice, solid, reliable steam locomotive followed by several colorful and realistic freight cars. Additionally, the play value of this set was excellent as youngsters could create their own merchandise loads for each freight car. Needless to say, this was a great gift to any child in 1956.

The 665 was a popular steamer for O gauge sets. Lionel included the 665 in a total of nine postwar sets produced between 1954 and 1966. Lastly, this set is somewhat noteworthy as it was the only postwar outfit to include the hard-to-find 6346 Alcoa hopper.

Standard components of this set include:

  • 665 Hudson
  • 2046W Whistling Tender
  • 3361 Log Dump Car
  • 6346 Alcoa Covered Hopper
  • 6462-75 New York Central Gondola
  • 6467 Miscellaneous Flatcar
  • 6427 Lionel Lines N5C Caboose
  • Plus: O gauge track, UCS track, 160 dump Bin, smoke pellets, tamper, lubricant, billboards and instruction booklets.
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