2261WS Five Car Steam Freight Set


Nicknamed The Freight Hauler, this is one of seven outfits produced between 1954 and 1958 to include the 646 steam locomotive. This particular 1956 Hudson set includes high quality, colorful freight cars and has become a highly sought-after outfit during the past half century. Due to its continued popularity, in 2010 Lionel re-produced this set with copies of the original locomotive and freight cars.

One other noteworthy fact regarding this set pertains to the 6376 Circus Stock car. Although Lionel did offer it as a separate sale item, this was the only postwar set to include the Circus Stock car.

Standard components of this set include:

  • 646 Hudson
  • 2046W Whistling Tender
  • 3562-50 A.T. & S.F. Operating Barrel Car
  • 6376 Bi-Level Circus Stock Car
  • 6414 Automobile Loader
  • 6436-25 Lehigh Valley Hopper
  • 6417 Pennsylvania N5C Caboose
  • Plus: O gauge track, UCS track, smoke pellets, tamper, lubricant, billboards and instruction booklets.
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