2505W Virginian Five Car Diesel Freight Set


The E-33 rectifier was a new locomotive on American railroads during the mid-1950's. Soon after the prototype was introduced, Lionel created its own semi-scale model of this unusual-looking locomotive: the 2329 Virginian.

Set 2505W introduced the all-new Virginian rectifier to the train-buying public. Within this set are three very fragile freight cars: 6519, 6800 & 6805. It is truely rare to locate this set with complete and undamaged freight cars.

Because the E-33 locomotive was not widely recognized by the public in 1958, sales of this set were poor. In turn, this set has become difficult to locate.

Standard components of this set include:

  • 2329 Virginian Rectifier
  • 6464-500 Timken box car
  • 6519 Allis-Chalmers car
  • 6800 Flatcar with airplane
  • 6805 Atomic Disposal flatcar
  • 6357 Lionel Lines caboose
  • Plus: Super 0 track, lubricant, billboards and instruction booklets.
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