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919 Artificial Grass


Production:  1946 - 1964

During the early postwar era, Lionel offered a limited number of scenery related products to it's customers for their layouts. The artifical grass was a prewar carryover item and was simply colored sawdust packaged in a Lionel cloth bag.

The collectable part of the 919 artifical grass is solely in the cloth bag.

The 919 Artifical Grass included eight ounces of green-dyed sawdust in a cloth bag.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Thus far, three variations to the cloth bag have been documented. The only changes involve the color and font-style of the lettering.

Black Ink, Serif Lettering - Presumed to be leftover prewar inventory sold during the early postwar era, probably in 1945 and 1946.
Red Ink, Serif Lettering - This variation appears to be a transition style between the first and final variation. Collectors assume this variation was only produced for a brief time during 1946. This version is rare.
Red Ink, Block Lettering - Shown in the photo above - This is the final and most common variation. It is assumed to have been produced from 1947 until the end in 1964.

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