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6464-25 Great Northern


Production: 1953 & 1954

The 6464-25 Great Northern box car was one of first 6464-style box cars. In total, four 6464-style cars were created by Lionel in their introductory year, 1953. Production of these box cars allowed Lionel to market a realistic and almost scale-like box car never previously seen in the Lionel family. The 6464-style box cars were an immediate success and remained in the Lionel catalogue up until it's final year of postwar production, 1969. Even today, all 6464-style box cars remain a favorite of collectors and operators.

The 6464-25 Great Northern is a fairly common car. It was included in sets as well as being available for separate sale. The orange paint on this car tends to chip. Clean quality cars are becoming harder to find.

The 6464-25 Great Northern included the following standard features: orange painted shell with white lettering, type I body style, single block sliding doors, bar-end trucks with two operating couplers plus a single brakewheel.

It is quite common to find orange paint chips by the letter 'o' in Northern on each side of the box car. Box cars that are free of paint chips by the letter 'o' are rare and will carry a premium in price.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The common version of the 6464-25 box car is painted a flat orange. There is a rare version which is painted glossy orange.

Flat Orange - Shown in the photo above - The common version.
Glossy Orange - A rare variation.

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