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2452 Pennsylvania


Production: 1945 - 1947

The 2452 Pennsylvania gondola was the first all new freight car introduced by Lionel in the postwar era. World War II ended in the summer of 1945 and by the fall of the same year Lionel has designed and produced this gondola.

When introduced in 1945, the 2452 was classified by Lionel as an O gauge item. For 1946 and 1947, Lionel added a suffix of 'X' to the number and catalogued it as an 027 gauge item.

Standard features of the 2452 include: black painted body with white lettering and a Pennsylvania Railroad logo, metal frame, metal footsteps at all four corners and two metal brakewheels. The earlier production gondolas included wooden barrels, but they were soon eliminated as a standard item included with the gondola.

Lionel also produced a 2452X gondola in 1946 and 1947. This was identified as an 027 gauge item. The difference between a 2452 and 2452X is the 2452X does not include two metal brakewheels. Additionally, the number 2452X is stamped on the metal underframe. Otherwise, both gondolas appear the same.

The 2452 has several variations. They include:

  • Size of the 'G27' lettering. There is a small and large version.
  • Truck, coupler and axle combinations.
  • The interior of the gondola shell. Rectangular openings are earlier production while circular opening are later production.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Small 'G27' - Shown in the photo above - It is assumed all small 'G27' appear only on the earlier versions of either the 2452 or 2452X.
Large 'G27' - The large 'G27' also appears on both the 2452 and 2452X.


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