6042 Lionel


Production: 1959 & 1962 - 1964

The 6042 Lionel gondola was introduced by Lionel in 1959 and is a common item. At the time, it was an all-new style for the short gondola.

The 6042 was originally introduced in 1959 as a black gondola. After 1959, it did not re-appear in the Lionel catalogue until 1962, this time as a blue gondola. In either case, the gondola was available with with two unmarked cannisters, two unmarked cable reels or sometimes with no load at all.

Standard features on the 6042 Lionel Lines gondola include: unpainted body (either black or blue), usually AAR trucks but sometimes Arch-bar trucks, usually two fixed couplers plus a molded brakewheel. When lettered, the lettering was always white.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Black - Production assumed to be only 1959.
Blue - Shown in the photo above - Produced between 1962 and 1964.

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