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6062 New York Central


Production: 1959 - 1962 & 1969

The 6062 New York Central gondola was introduced by Lionel in 1959. It was the first long gondola produced by Lionel in the postwar era which did not include a metal undercarriage.

Standard features on the 6062 NYC gondola include: unpainted black body with white lettering, AAR trucks and two operating couplers. The 'N' in 'NYC' was always in the third panel, the number 6062 was underlined and it has three lines of technical data. The usual load for the 6062 was three orange cable reels.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The 6062 produced between 1959 and 1962 always had two operating couplers. As Lionel entered its final year of postwar production (1969), there were still unused 6062 bodies left in inventory. In order to use all remaining inventory, the 1969 production cycle for the 6062 included one operating and one fixed coupler. Additionally, it is assumed most 1969 production did not include the three orange cable reels. This 1969 variation is hard to locate.

Two Operating Couplers - Shown in the photo above -All production between 1959 and 1962. This is the more common version.
One Operating, One Fixed Coupler - Harder to find and generally does not include the three cable reels.

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