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6142 Lionel


Production:  1959 - 1962 & 1969

The 6142 Lionel Lines gondola was introduced by Lionel in 1963. Whether in a set or for separate sale, the 6142 always included either two white or two red unmarked cannisters.

During its initial four year production, the 6142 became Lionels standard short gondola. Any one of several color variations was included in practically every introductory or promotional set offered by Lionel. Except for one variation, the olive green color, the 6142 is a very common item with little collector interest.

Standard features on the 6142 Lionel Lines gondola include: unpainted bodies (either black, green or blue), usually AAR trucks but sometimes Arch-bar trucks, one operating and one fixed coupler plus a molded brakewheel. When lettered, the lettering was always white.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The 6142 can be found with any of the following body colors: black, blue, green or olive. Except for the olive version, all can be found either with or without the white lettering. The olive version is always unlettered and very rare.

In addition to the different available colors, each color appears to have different shades of color. Although this creates numerous color and shade variations, there is no difference in their value. Additionally, there is no difference in value for lettered or unlettered versions.

The 1969 production cycle is generally assumed to be an effort by Lionel to sell all remaining inventory. It is very doubtful Lionel actually manufactured a 6142 gondola in its final year of postwar production.

Since this gondola was included in most introductory set, they are usually found in well-used condition. Pristine examples will have a premium.

Black - Produced between 1963 and 1966.
Blue - Produced between 1963 and 1966.
Green - Shown in the photo above - Produced between 1963 and 1966.
Olive - Assumed to be a one year only item from 1963.

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