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6452 Pennsylvania


Production: 1948 & 1949

The 6452 Pennsylvania gondola is a continuation of the 2452 Pennsylvania gondola. The only change being the 6452 contained the new-for-1948 magnetic couplers which replaced the coil couplers on most pre-1948 freight cars. As with many transition items, original 6452's from early 1948 are known to have staple-end trucks.

It is interesting to note the 6452 is a fairly hard gondola to locate. It was included in only one set during its two year run (set # 1423W) and was not a popular separate sale item. Locating a nice and clean 6452 is difficult.

The are two different variations to the 6452 gondola. The 1948 version has the number '6452' stamped on the bottom of the gondola while the 1949 version does not have the number stamped on the bottom. Additionally, the 1948 version has an incorrect number of '6462' printed on the right side of the gondola. For 1949, the number was corrected to read 6452 on the side.

Standard features of the 6452 include: black painted body with white lettering and a Pennsylvania Railroad logo, metal frame, metal footsteps at all four corners and two metal brakewheels.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Incorrect '6462' on Side - Shown in the photo above - The first year of production had an incorrect number printed on the side. This is harder to find compared to the 1949 version.
Incorrect '6452' on Side - For 1949, the number on the side was correct to be 6452. This is the more common version.

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