6482 Refrigerator Milk Car


Production:  1957

The 6482 Refrigerator car was a one-year only item, 1957. It is a somewhat hard-to-find freight car which is essentially a non-operating version of the 3482 operating milk car. Significantly more difficult to locate than the box car is an original box for a 6482.

Standard features of the 6482 Refrigerator Car include: unpainted white body with black lettering, AAR trucks with operating couplers, metal corner steps plus functional doors.

The 6482 is an anomly in that Lionel actually added detail to the car rather than remove detail. All 6482 cars include metal corner steps. This is somewhat counter to the direction taken by Lionel since the last appearance of metal corner steps was in the 1950 product line -- seven years prior to the production of this car!

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All 6482 cars are unpainted white with black lettering and metal corner steps.

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