6404 Flatcar w/ Auto


Production:  1961

The 6404 flatcar with automobile is an uncatalogued freight car produced for only one year -- 1961. Although the flatcar and single auto were considered a low-end freight car, it has become an extremely difficult -- if not rare -- train to locate.

Although there are no variations to the flatcar, the automobile was produced in four different colors. The colors -- in order of difficultly to locate -- are as follows:

  • Yellow car with gray bumpers - the most common automobile.
  • Red car with gray bumpers - slightly less common compared to the yellow car.
  • Green car with gray bumpers - a rare variation.
  • Brown car with gray bumpers - the scarcest variation of the automobile.

The 6404 flatcar contains the following standard features: unpainted black 'General-style' flatcar, white lettering plus arch-bar trucks with non-operating couplers. Additionally, most flatcars included a wire truss rod on the bottom of the flatcar -- but many documented original examples have been found without the truss rods mounted to the flatcar.

Regarding the single automobile, all original examples included gray bumpers and was secured to the freight car with a single gray elastic band.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of this type of flatcar is approximately 9.25" long (coupler to coupler). Finally, there is no known box for this freight car.

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All 6404's flatcars were black with white side lettering. The only variation to this freight car was the color of the automobile included with the item.

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