6151 Flatcar w/ Range Patrol Truck


Production: 1958

The 6151 Lionel Flatcar with Range Patrol Truck was only available for a single year -- 1958. This is one of a select few postwar freight cars where its original box is rarer and worth more than the actual freight car.

The Range Patrol truck was produced to be a removable toy and is frequently missing from original sets. When the truck is available, be careful to inspect for damage, cracks or significant scratches. Locating an original Range Patrol truck in collectable condition is difficult -- and it's box is rarer.

Although catalogued for only one year, there are several color variations to the flatcars. Listed below are known and documented colors:

  • Cream color.
  • Bright yellow, close to a lemon-yellow color.
  • An orange or yellow / orange color.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
A very common problem with all 6151 flatcars is with the corner steps. Quite frequently the corner footsteps are either broken off or the paint has flaked off of the step. Locating a flatcar with intact steps and paint is difficult.

The length of this flatcar is approximately 9" long (coupler to coupler).

Cream - Shown in the photo above - Appears to be the easiest color to locate.
Bright Yellow - A hard variation to locate.
Orange or Yellow / Orange - A hard variation to locate.

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