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6362 Railway Truck Car


Production: 1955 - 1957

The 6362-55 Railway Truck Car was catalogued for only three years and it is a common item. During the three year run of the 6362-55, it underwent two changes. One to the lettering style and the second to the coupler style.

The 6362-55 car was always produced with bar-end trucks. Early production did not include the tab on the side of the coupler while later production did include the side tab. The Railway Truck Car has a molded orange frame and although most flatcars had a brakewheel stand with brakewheel, the 6362-55 did not include the brakewheel stand. Its brakewheel is mounted directly to the top of the flatcar.

The three separate trucks on the flatcar had unique features for this car. These features can can help determine if the trucks are the correct load for this car. Each separate truck was a bar-end truck and did not include a coupler or coupler plate. Additionally, there is no mounting stud on the top of the truck. Quite frequently the trucks are lost or switched with an incorrect truck.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Neither of the below variations are difficult to find or more valuable than the other.

Serif Lettering - Shown in the photo above - This version is known to have come with both with and without the tab coupler.
Sans-Serif Lettering - Similar to the above version, this too came with and without the tab coupler.


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