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6511 Flatcar w/ Pipes


Production: 1953 - 1956

The 6511 flatcar with pipes was introduced in 1953. From a historical perspective, the 6511 mold is noteworthy. In its basic form (as mold # 6511-2), it remained in the postwar production era until the very end in 1969. Although minor modifications were required for different loads, it remained unchanged for 17 years.

The 6511 flatcar, as would be any flatcar, is popular with operators and children. They enjoy creating their own loads to be carried around a layout. It's not uncommon to see a string of 6511 flatcars, each with a different or unique homemade freight load.

The 6511 flatcar with pipes contains the following standard features: painted plastic flatcar with white lettering, bar-end metal trucks with operating couplers, thirteen metal stakes, a brakestand and brakewheel plus six plastic simulated pipes.

In addition to the standard features listed above, there are two other items worth mentioning. They are:

  • The first variation involved the type of truck mounting plate located on the bottom of the flatcar. For the first few years of production, a thick die-cast metal mounting plate was used to hold the trucks to the flatcar. This version of the car is noticeably heavier and preferred by operators. In the final years of production, this part was changed to a thin sheet metal mounting plate. Either version is easy to locate.
  • The second variation involves the color of the flatcar. The regular version is painted dark red while a later production run created a painted brown flatcar. The brown flatcar is always found with the thin sheet metal truck mounting bracket and tab couplers. These features date it to 1956.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of this type of flatcar is approximately 11 1/4" long (coupler to coupler).

Painted Red - Shown in the photo above - Various shades of red do exist. The market value remains unchanged despite the differences.
Painted Brown - A much harder flatcar to find.


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