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3535 Security Car


Prodution:  1960 & 1961

The 3535 Security Car with Searchlight is an unusual-looking freight car and is based upon the imagination of Lionel designers -- it does not have a real-life counterpart.

Lionel used components from several different freight cars to construct the 3535 Security Car. It uses the following components from older freight cars:

  • Undecorated black 6511 flatcar.
  • Vibromotor searchlight from the 3520 / 3620 searchlight cars -- last used in 1956.
  • Cab from the 520 Electric Diesel -- last used in 1957 -- with new lettering and graphics.
  • Simulated twin gun assembly from the 6804 and 6809 military flatcars.

The 3535 is part of Lionel's "Space & Military" series. As with many of the items from that series, there are delicate parts that are prone to damage due to improper handling. For example, the guns and gun bracket are fragile and are easily broken -- sometimes missing altogether. In addition, the searchlight assembly is often lost. Locating a complete and all original Security Car with Searchlight is a difficult task as few have survived intact.

The 3535 Security Car with Searchlight has the following standard features: unpainted red cab with white lettering, AAR trucks with two operating couplers, gray simulated guns on top of the cab and an undecorated black flatcar. The searchlight is functional and rotates.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All are unpainted red with white letters, gray guns and a rotating searchlight.

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