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2465 Sunoco Tank Car


Production:  1946 - 1948

The 2465 tank car was the first all-new two dome tank car created by Lionel in the postwar era. Between the 2465 (and its cousin the 6465), this style two dome tank car remained in the Lionel family until 1966.

The 2465 was introduced by Lionel in 1946 with Sunoco markings. It contained several nice features and was classified a middle-of-the-line tank car. The realistic look and detail on a 2465 still make it a favorite of collectors and operators.

Standard features of the 2465 include the following: painted silver shell with a black painted frame, usually two decals on each side, metal handrailings, metal footsteps at each corner and staple-end trucks with coil couplers.

The 2465 was only available in Sunoco markings. Also, the number 2465 does not appear on the tank car shell, it can only be found stamped on the bottom of the metal frame.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Single Decal Per Side - This is a very scarce variation to locate. It is assumed to be part of the earliest production run from 1946.
Two Decals Per Side - Shown in the photo above This is the most common 2465 tank car. The common version is to have the 'Sunoco' decal on the left with the technical data decal on the right. Occassionally the decals will be reversed, but it is very hard to locate a Sunoco tank car with reversed decals.

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