2555 Sunoco Tank Car


Production:  1945 - 1948

The 2555 Sunoco deluxe single-dome tank car was a premium tank car in the Lionel family. Even today's collectors and operators enjoy its realistic looks with the long body and all metal construction.

As with many of the large single dome tank cars, the decals are prone to deterioration. Most decals are missing a portion of the original decal. Locating a large tank car with intact decals will be difficult and costly.

Standard features of the 2555 include: painted silver tank, die-cast metal frame, metal handrails, two ladders, brakestand with brakewheel plus a simulated air tank under the frame and placard holder at one end. It usually has the Sunoco decal on the left with the 2555 decal on the right.

As for the trucks and couplers, the 2555 was always equipped with staple-end trucks and coil couplers. Early 1945 versions of the 2555 had the fragile flying shoe pick-ups while later 1946 through 1948 models had the more common base plate with pick-up shoe.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The only variations to the tank car are the style of lettering on the Sunoco decal. Decals were available with the following combination of the words 'Sunoco', 'Gas' and 'Oil':

Decal with Sunoco lettering between 'Gas' & 'Oil' - Shown in the photo above - This appears to be the most common decal version.
Decal with 'Gas' & 'Oil' below Sunoco - A hard version to locate.
Decal without 'Gas' & 'Oil' - A hard version to locate.


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