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6475 Vat Car (various names)


Production:  1960 - 1964

The 6475 Vat Car was a brand new freight car design introduced by Lionel in 1960. Although there is only a single number for the vat car, it did appear with two different logos.

The first vat car was the Pickles vat car. Introduced in 1960, the Pickles car remained in the Lionel family until 1962. Beginning in 1963 -- and remaining for only two years -- the vat car wore the Libby's logo. The Libbys car is an uncatalogued vat car and extremely difficult to locate.

Standard features of the vat cars differ. Listed by road name, they include:

  • Pickles: metal frame with tan plastic sides and brown roof, four yellow vats labelled 'Pickles', four corner footsteps, brakewheel plus AAR trucks with two operating couplers.
  • Libbys: metal frame, blue sides and roof, silver vats with the Libbys logo, four corner footsteps plus arch-bar trucks with non-operating couplers.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Both vat cars are hard to find in collector condition. Additionally, the four corner footsteps are fragile and usually found broken.

Pickles - Shown in the photo above This is the more common 6475 vat car.
Libbys - An uncatalogued car and very difficult to locate.


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