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1055 Texas Special


Production: 1959 & 1960

The 1055 Texas Special Alco A appeared in the 1959 and 1960 Advanced Dealer catalogue and never in the regular consumer catalogue. Although it was catalogued for two years, experienced collectors believe it was only produced for a single year, but displayed for two in an effort to sell remaining inventory.

Since this Texas Special diesel was not a good seller, it has subsequently become somewhat hard-to-find locomotive. Additionally, since this diesel was only sold in sets, Lionel never produced a box for this locomotive.

Standard features of the 1055 Texas Special: red painted body with white lettering, closed front pilot, headlight, non-operating rear coupler plus a simulated horn on top of the cab. Most examples have a weight riveted to the rear cab wall to assist in aiding traction, however original examples are known to not include the weight.

The Texas Special diesel does not include an E-unit nor front coupler. This 'plain Jane' Alco is a forward only diesel whose pulling power is limited to two, possibly three, freight cars.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of this type of Alco is approximately 11" long (front pilot to rear coupler).

Only Known Variation - All 1055's are painted red with white lettering. Even though the Texas Special has few features -- there remains a niche market for Lionel Alcos in collector condition.

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