2041 Rock Island


Production: 1969

The 2041 Rock Island Alco AA diesel set has the distinction of being the very last double AA diesel introduced by the original Lionel Train Corporation. It was introduced and catalogued for only one year, 1969 -- which also represents the final year of train production from the original Lionel Train Corporation.

Collector and operator interest for this diesel set remains strong. With its realistic and prototypical exterior colors and lettering, this diesel set remains an attractive sight on a layout or in a display case. With its unfortunate historical status of being the final "new" postwar AA diesel -- coupled with elevated collector and operator demand -- nice and clean examples remain pricey.

Standard features of the 2041 include: unpainted black body with red painted side strips, white painted thin roof stripe, white lettering, open front pilot, fixed couplers on the front and rear plus a simulated horn on the roof.

The power unit has a single motor, traction tire, two-position E-unit plus a headlight.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Only Known Variation - All 2041's have unpainted black shells with red side strips and white lettering.

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