225 Chesapeake & Ohio


Production: 1960

The 225 Chesapeake & Ohio Alco A is a one year only diesel from 1960. It is considered a reliable locomotive and with dual axle magnetraction, it's generally considered a decent locomotive being able to pull a handful of postwar freight cars. However, this diesel is a somewhat hard item to locate in collectable condition.

Standard features on the 225 Alco include: open front pilot with a fixed die-cast coupler, two-axle magnetraction, two position E-unit plus a headlight and non-operating rear coupler. It is painted dark-blue with yellow numbers and lettering and a C&O decal on the nose.

Unlike the 230 C & O Alco produced in 1961, the 225 does not have a yellow stripe near the roofline.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All 225's are painted dark-blue.

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