226 Boston & Maine


The 226 Boston & Maine Alco AB units are uncatalogued diesels from 1960. The fact they were uncatalogued and only manufactured for a single year has made this diesel set a hard item to locate, especially in collector condition. Although the second generation '200' series Alco's were inferior in quality and detail compared to the Lionel Alco of the early 1950's, the 226's contained some of the better features available in the later Alco's.

As with most of the later Alco series diesels, the front apron is usually the weak point and are frequently found cracked or completely missing. Finding a unit with intact struts is difficult.

Standard features of the 226 include: two-axle Magnetraction, three-position E-unit, headlight, horn plus non-operating front & rear couplers.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Unpainted Blue area on shell - The most common version is a blue mold painted black.
Gray mold painted blue and black - Shown in the photo above - The harder to find version is a gray molded A unit shell painted both blue and black. All B units appear to be blue molds.

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