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2353 Santa Fe


Production: 1953 - 1955

The 2353 Santa Fe F3 AA's were the third of four Santa Fe F3's AA units offered by Lionel in the postwar era. Although lacking some external detail compared to earlier F3's, internally this diesel is as reliable, powerful and durable as any earlier model. Even in today's toy train market, this postwar Santa Fe F3 is copied by all major train manufacturers.

The 2353 was always sold as an AA combination. However, Lionel did produce a separate sale B unit for these Santa Fe's -- the 2343C. The 2343C was originally produced to match the 2343 Santa Fe AA, but production continued while the 2353 was being offered by Lionel.

Standard features of each A unit includes:

  • Silver, red and yellow painted shell with black lettering.
  • Functional front coupler with a non-operating rear coupler.
  • Illuminated headlight and number boards.
  • Two metal ladder steps on the rear of the frame plus metal steps on each truck.
  • Dual two-piece ornamental horns.
  • General Motors decal near the rear door plus a Santa Fe decal on the front.

Additionally, the power A unit contains dual motors with Magnetraction and a three-position E-unit. The non-powered A unit contains a functional horn.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
When coupled together as an AA unit, the length of these F3s is approximately 26" long (coupler to coupler).

Roof without Mold Dimple Shown in the photo above - Identifies 1953 production. This version is harder to find as it was only produced for one year.
Roof with Mold Dimple - Identifies 1954 and 1955 production. This is slightly easier to locate than the 1953 version.

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