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2028 Pennsylvania


Production:  1955

The 2028 Pennsylvania GP7 was one of three road names to appear on this all new diesel style of 1955. The other two GP7's introduced in 1955 were the 2328 Burlington and 2338 Milwaukee Road. All three GP7's have become desirable and collectable diesels.

A common problem with all 2028s is the lettering. Quite frequently, the original lettering is very faint -- or in many cases completely worn off. A Pennsylvania GP7 with original and crisp lettering is rare.

Standard features of the 2028 Pennsylvania GP7 include: unpainted brown shell with gold lettering and frame, 'PRR' logo on cab, Magnetraction, three-position E-unit, illumination only at the cab end, operating couplers plus an ornamental horn on each side.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Gold Frame - Shown in the photo above - Almost all 2028's have unpainted brown shells with gold lettering and frames.
Tan Frame - A very small production run of 2028s have the standard unpainted brown shell but are equipped with a frame painted tan. The tan frame versions are extremely rare.

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