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2339 Wabash


Production:  1957

The 2339 Wabash GP7 diesel is another version of Lionel's high-quality road switchers sold in the 1950's. It has many of Lionel's top-of-the-line features and carries an attractive and realistic paint scheme. This particular diesel is very similar to the 2337 Wabash GP7 produced in 1957.

Collectors and operators still actively seek this engine for their collections or layouts. Since this diesel was only offered for a single year, it is difficult to find in collector quality condition.

The 2339 Wabash offered the following standard features: blue molded shell with gray and white painted areas, white lettering, three-position E-unit, two-axle Magnetraction, front and rear operating couplers, operating horn plus a headlight at each end and simulated horn on the shell. The frame and side railings are painted black.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The 2339 Wabash GP7 diesel is almost identical to the 2337 Wabash GP7 diesel from 1958 -- the major difference being the type of couplers. The 2339 has operating couplers while the 2337 has non-operating couplers.

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above - All 2339s have an unpainted blue shell with gray and white painted areas on the sides.

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