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600 MKT


Production: 1955

The 600 MKT (Missouri, Kansas & Texas) NW-2 Switcher was a one-year-only item from 1955. Although not an easy item to locate in collectable condition, its rather plain exterior -- as well as limited features -- has made this a less-than-exciting diesel. When found, collectable examples tend to be reasonably priced.

In addition to being included in one 1955 set, the 600 was also available as a separate sale item.

Standard features of the 600 MKT switcher include: unpainted red painted body with white lettering, Magnetraction, die-cast trucks, three-position E-unit and dual operating couplers. A simulated gold bell and ornamental silver horn are mounted on the exterior of the shell. The unit does not have a functional headlight or operating horn. Additionally, the diesel lacks the customary side skirts normally found between the trucks.

Regarding magnetraction, a very limited number of MKT NW2 switchers included dual-axle Magnetraction. These are difficult to locate and assumed to be only a portion of the first production run of 1955. The far more common version is for the MKT diesel to have only a single axle with magnetraction.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of the 600 is approximately 12 1/2" long (coupler to coupler).

Black Frame & Black end railings - Shown in the photo above - this is considered the 'regular' production version and the easiest to locate.
Gray Frame & Yellow end railings - this is the rarest variation to locate. Experienced collectors believe this was only produced for a single production run in mid 1955.


Gray Frame & Black end railings - this too is a very difficult variation to locate, but not as rare as the yellow railing diesel. Knowledgeable collectors believe this was produced for a brief period of time during mid 1955.

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