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635 Union Pacific


Production: 1965

The 635 Union Pacific NW2 Diesel Switcher was the second of three postwar diesel switchers to carry the Union Pacific colors and logo. It was only produced for a single year -- 1965 -- and never appeared in a Lionel consumer catalogue. Due to it being a one-year-only uncatalogued diesel, it's a fairly difficult diesel to locate, especially in collectable condition.

With Lionel's continued efforts to reduce costs throughout the 1960's, the 635 was yet another casuality in this area. This version of the UP diesel did not return with the attractive and prototypical paint scheme used on the earlier 613 Union Pacific NW2 swither. It's unfortunate Lionel's cost cutting initiative was ongoing during this time as most collectors and operators believe the paint scheme on the 613 is one of the most realistic and eye-catching postwar NW2 paint schemes.

Finally, it is interesting to note the 635 cab continued to carry the New 7-58 lettering from the 613 switcher. It's a bit ironic as the 613 was last produced seven years prior to the introduction of the 635!

Standard features of the 635 Union Pacific switcher include: yellow painted body with red lettering and side stripe, small white U.P. 635 lettering on the nose of the cab, no Magnetraction however there was a ballast weight secured to the interior of the cab above the motor, plastic side frames on the trucks, two-position E-unit, non-operating plastic couplers plus a traction tire. The 635 shell is mounted to a black sheet-metal frame with black end-railings. Finally, there is no simulated bell nor ornamental horn mounted to the shell.

An interesting point of reference to all postwar Union Pacific NW2 switchers is the lettering on the cab. Each side has its own unique letter:

  • One cab side has the UP slogan Road of the Streamliners
  • The opposite cab side has Serves All The West

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of the 635 is approximately 12 1/2" long (coupler to coupler).

Only Known Variation - All 635's are painted yellow with predominately red lettering and side stripes

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