2341 Jersey Central


Production: 1956

The 2341 Jersey Central is a beautiful and almost scale size replica of the real life Trainmaster. Lionel's version has a well-deserved reputation as being an excellent locomotive with unsurpassed durability and strength. It is prized diesel by all collectors. It is also one of Lionel's best diesels ever produced in the postwar era.

The most common problem with the Lionel's Trainmasters are the screwholes on each end of the shell. In almost all cases, there are hairline cracks going from the bottom of the screwhole to the bottom of the shell. To find any unit without hairline cracks is rare.

The Jersey Central is the most desirable of all postwar FM Trainmaster diesels. It was a one year only item and locating a 2341 unit in collectable condition will require a fair amount of time and money.

Standard features of the 2341 include: dual motors, magnetraction, three position E-unit, headlights at each end including illuminated number boards, dual operating couplers, horn plus wire handrailings and an ornamental horn on each side.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Glossy / Shiny Painted Shell - A rare variation, very difficult to locate. Experienced collectors believe the glossy painted version is from the first production run of 1956.
Flat / Dull Painted Shell - Shown in the photo above - The common version, but still a rare locomotive to locate.

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