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2350 New Haven


Production:  1956 - 1958

The 2350 New Haven EP5 Rectifier diesel was the first EP5 rectifier diesel offered by Lionel in the postwar era. It was soon followed up by two other EP5 rectifiers, the 2351 Milwaukee Road and 2353 Pennsylvania -- the later two introduced in 1957. Lionels model of the EP5 is an accurate representation of the real-life diesel.

For those enthusiastic enough to install overhead wiring on a layout, the 2350 was built to use power from either Lionels center rail or from its functional pantographs. In either case, the 2350 is a smooth running and reliable diesel.

This diesel has become a favorite to collectors. In addition to the common version, there are several paint and graphic variations. Each of them unique and some quite rare.

Standard features of the 2350 EP5 rectifier include: sheet-metal frame with a single motor, two pantographs, three-position E-unit, Magnetraction, headlight at each end, operating horn and dual operating couplers. Also included on the shell are an ornamental horn, illuminated number boards and a windshield at each end.

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The variations surrounding the 2350 involve the paint or graphic decorations on the diesels shell. Below is a list of the numerous variations:

Orange 'N', Black 'H', Orange 'New Haven' - This is the hardest variation to locate and is quite scarce.

White 'N', Orange 'H', White 'New Haven' - Shown in the photo above - This is similar to the version listed below but has the orange and white side stripes painted into the door jambs (as opposed to being in black). This is a rare version and assumed to be from 1958.

White 'N', Orange 'H', White 'New Haven' - This version with a stick-on nose decal is the most common version. Also available in this paint scheme is a version with a painted nose decal.


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