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68 Executive Inspection Car


Production: 1958 - 1961

The 68 Executive Inspection Car was a newly designed railroad item produced by Lionel in 1958. It is based upon real-life cars used by railroads to inspect their track as well as transport work crews to and from work location. Lionel's model is loosely based upon a 1958 DeSoto station wagon.

The 68 Executive Inspection Car ran unchanged for four years, 1958 to 1961. Standard features include: red and cream painted body, two-position E-unit, simulated chrome front and rear bumpers, simulated light on the cars roof plus illuminated front headlights and rear taillights. The E-unit was manually controlled by the simulated light on the roof of the car.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
Because the entire body was painted, these units are frequently found with some form of paint chipping or flaking. Additionally, the plastic shells are extremely fragile and commonly found with cracks in the shell.

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above. - All 68s were painted red and cream with illuminated front and rear light.

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