2055 Santa Fe Hudson


Production:  1953 - 1955

The 2055 steamer was classified by Lionel as a Santa Fe-style Hudson. It's a mid-size steam engine and sold as an 027 gauge item. The 2055 remains a dependable and quality locomotive. With the exception of the cab number, the 2055 is the same locomotive as a 685. Those two locomotives share their boiler castings with two other Lionel locomotives, the 665 and 2065 steamers -- the difference being the boiler fronts.

The 2055 steam engine was available in boxed sets or as a separate sale item. It is a common locomotive and was sold with either of two whistling tenders; the 2046W streamlined style or 6026W square or coffin style.

Standard features include; 4-6-4 wheel arrangement with detailed driving wheel hardware, Magnetraction, three-position E-unit, headlight, smoke, wire handrails plus an ornamental bell and whistle. The trailing truck was always produced with plastic side frames.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
The length of the 2055 is approximately 11 1/4" long (front to back). Since the 2055 was available with different tenders, its overall length depends upon the specific tender provided with this small Hudson.

Only Known Variation - Shown in the photo above. - The 2055 did not undergo any changes during its production run. Although found with with the 2046W or 6026W whistling tenders, neither is considered difficult to locate.

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