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1110 Scout Locomotive


Production:  1949 - 1952

The 1110 steam locomotive is frequently referred to as a Scout locomotive. Lionel used the word Scout to denote its entry-level 027 steam locomotives. Generally speaking, Scout engines had a 2-4-2 wheel arrangement and were reserved for beginner or starter sets. These locomotives had few features and could rarely pull more than a three or four car freight train.

The 1110 ran for four years and has several variations, some of which are hard to find. Although some variations are harder to locate, prices tend to be reasonable when found as collector and operator interest remains minimal in Lionel's Scout locomotives.

The 1101 Scout steam locomotive included the following features: black die-cast boiler with silver numbers, two position E-unit, a single metal drive rod on each side plus a headlight without a headlight lens.

A 1001 non-whistling sheet metal tender was always included with the 1110 locomotive.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Baldwin Disk Drive Wheels - A hard to find early production item from 1949.
Spoked Drive Wheels - The more common version from 1949 and 1950.
Air Hole in Boiler Front - Shown in the photo above. - For the early part of 1951, a small air hole (approximately 1/4" round) exists in the boiler front above the headlight. These shells are actually leftover 6110 steamer shells renumbered 1110. This is a hard to find variation.
Plugged Air Hole - For the remainder of 1951 and all of 1952, the air hole was plugged during the manufacture process. If you examine the boiler front you can usually see a slight outline of air hole. This is a common version.

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