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404 Baltimore & Ohio RDC


Production:  1957 & 1958

The Rail Diesel Car (RDC) is based upon the real-life Budd companies RDC's made for commuter service in the US during the 1950s. All Lionel RDC's have the Baltimore & Ohio roadname and are an excellent model of the real-life diesel.

Internally, the 404 RDC is the exact same as the 400 RDC introduced in 1956. The difference between the 400 and 404 is in their shells. The 404 is a baggage-mail car whereas the 400 is strictly a passenger car. The 404 is harder to locate compared to the 400 RDC car.

Lionel's model is commonly referred to as the Budd Car. During the postwar era, Lionel produced four Budd cars -- two motorized and two non-powered units. Surprisingly, the non-powered units are much harder to locate than the powered version.

Standard features of the 404 RDC include: silver painted body with blue lettering, operating couplers at each end, two-axle magnetraction, three-position E-unit, functional horn, interior illumination via three interior lights plus window silhouttes and an ornamental horn on each end.

During the postwar era, Lionel produced four RDC's. Each car had its own RDC numberboard on the side. The following is a list of the Lionel catalogue number and RDC number associated to the item:

  • 400, powered unit: RDC-1
  • 404, powered unit: RDC-4
  • 2550, non-powered unit: RDC-4
  • 2559, non-powered unit: RDC-9

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Only Known Variation - All 404 RDC's are painted silver with blue lettering.

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