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6057 Lionel Lines


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Production: 1959 - 1962

The 6057 Lionel Lines caboose is a common item which has not generated much interest in the collector market in its basic form. It was included in many catalogued and uncatalogued sets and is a common sight for sale at many train shows. However, to the excitement of collectors, there are three harder to find variations of the 6057. Each variation is collectable and obtaining all require some time and money.

Aside from the common variety 6057 Lionel Lines caboose, there are three harder to find variations. They include

  • Unpainted orange shell. The orange caboose is known as the 6057-50 Lionel Lines caboose. It shares all of the features of the common 6057 caboose except the lettering is black instead of white and only the number 6057 is printed on the side. This caboose is from the final production run in 1962.
  • Coral or pinkish unpainted shell. This is harder to find than the 6057-50 orange caboose, but more common than the next entry, the painted red version.
  • Red painted shell. This is believed to have been part of the first production run in 1959. It's a very difficult caboose to locate and many are not even aware of its existence.

The standard features of a 6057 caboose is an unpainted red caboose shell with white lettering, black end-railings at each end, AAR trucks and a single operating coupler.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information

Unpainted Red Shell - Shown in the photo above - The most common version of the 6057 caboose.

Unpainted Orange Shell (Second photo above) - The orange 6057 (catalogue # 6057-50) is hard to find, especially in collector condition.

Coral or Pinkish Unpainted Shell (Third photo above) - This is a difficult item to locate in collector condition.

Painted Red (Fourth photo above) - Believed to be part of the first production run in 1959. The painted red shell is the most difficult to locate of the four variations.

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