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The caboose has long been the favorite of many railroad buffs. Although it's been more than 50 years since a caboose has served active duty on a real railroad, the "shanty on wheels" continues to maintain its special charm. For many of us, the lure of railroading can trace its roots to the caboose -- now a symbol of a bygone era.

In the world of Lionel, the caboose was a critical component of their product line. They produced every major caboose style frequently seen in the United States, including the time-honored SP-type, a prototypical N5C caboose, a very realistic work caboose, and an elaborate bay window caboose. Examples such as the innovative 6557 smoking caboose and the very colorful 6657 Rio Grande caboose demonstrated Lionel's attention to detail in producing what used to be the punctuation mark at the end of every freight train.

Click on any of the entries in the chart listed below. Every listing contains specific product data with a brief history of the item and at least one photo. Whether doing research on model trains or simply taking a stroll down memory lane, take your time as you absorb the pages that follow. Some of you will view the exact trains you had while growing up, some will recognize the trains your parents had, others will discover startling facts about the glory years of a company that has become a piece of Americana.

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